Fast Drywall Repair in Orlando

When you have a hole in your wall or ceiling, it’s not just a hole in your wall—it’s a hole in your life. And we know it can feel overwhelming.

Drywall damage is unsightly, and you may even feel unsafe. Rest assured that we at Hole in the Wall have seen it all and can make your home feel like home again with our fast drywall repair.

Not only do we offer fast drywall repair in Orlando and the Central Florida area—we now offer fast drywall repair in Alabama too, as our drywall repair company continues to grow in influence in new markets.

There are many types of fast drywall repair jobs we can do, including:

Fast Drywall Repair for Holes in the Wall

  • Door knob holes
  • Anger holes
  • Corner dings and dents
  • Wall anchor holes from hanging a TV or picture
  • Flood and water damage

Fast Drywall Repair for Holes in the ceiling

  • Step throughs
  • Water damage
  • Sagging ceiling boards
  • Cracks in the wall
Drywall Repair in Action


Our Rapid-Patching System allows most drywall holes to be repaired in just one visit for true fast drywall repair. Most fast drywall repair requires less than 2 hours to complete.

Our company’s fast drywall repair applies techniques that not only reduce the time needed to make the repair, but also minimize the amount of dust created in your home. Texture can be applied immediately, leaving you with a seamless repair ready for painting within 24 hours—and that’s fast drywall repair you can trust.


Garage & Porch/Patio Ceilings

Unlike the inside of your home, garages, patios & porches are areas that aren’t kept air conditioned. Your A/C not only cools your home, but also removes humidity as well. These other areas are exposed to humidity and sometimes even the outdoor elements. Over time, humidity can cause drywall boards in the ceiling to start sagging or the seam tape to fall down—and that’s when you need fast drywall repair.

Some homes were built using nails, instead of screws, to secure the drywall in the ceiling. With the extra weight from the humidity, the boards can start to slip off the nails. This is a fast drywall repair that you do not want to put off as it often results in drywall falling from your ceiling.

At Hole in the Wall, we offer fast drywall repair for any small holes or your entire ceiling, helping you prevent further damage. We offer a range of fast drywall repair services that will make your ceiling look great:

  • Spot repair the ceiling
  • Re-secure the ceiling drywall boards
  • Re-seam the ceiling drywall boards
  • Remove the dated popcorn ceiling and apply a new texture
  • Apply stain killer and paint ceiling

Re-pipe / Re-plumb & Plumbing Holes

When the plumber is finished resolving your plumbing issue, the plumber may leave you with several holes throughout your home—which are not a service the plumber offers. These are our favorite types of repairs. You will need someone with experience in fast drywall repair in such holes who can correctly texture the repaired areas for a seamless look.

As part of our fast drywall repair, Seamless Texture Matching is a core service that we offer. Most of the time we can be finished with your home in less than a day.

Cracks / Loose Seams

Cracks in your ceiling may only seem cosmetic, but this doesn’t mean you should put off getting them fixed with our fast drywall repair. Ignoring these cracks may cause them to spread, resulting in a more expensive repair. If ignored for a long enough time, it can even cause your ceiling drywall to fall down.

Those cracks usually occur when your drywall seams separate, causing the tape securing them to come loose. With our fast drywall repair, we can re-secure or re-tape your drywall seams to ensure nothing falls down. Depending on the severity of the cracking, we might recommend re-securing your entire ceiling to avoid future problems.

Wall cracks are very unsightly, though are less severe than ceiling cracks. It is still a good idea to get them fixed with our fast drywall repair to avoid having to pay for a larger repair in the future.

Water / Flood Damage

When you have a water leak, roof damage, or flood of any kind it can leave your drywall damaged. Finding the source of a leak or flooding usually involves removing areas of drywall—and this is part of our overall fast drywall repair process. In many cases, after the source of the water is fixed, you are left with stained walls and ceilings.

“Flood Cut” is a term we use when the lower part of a wall has been damaged and/or removed after water has damaged it. Hole in the Wall Drywall Repair can get your home patched up to look like it never happened—because fast drywall repair is our core service. And remember, no matter how difficult you think the job is, we can handle it.

Contact Hole in the Wall Drywall Repair today and get a quote for fast drywall repair to restore your walls and ceilings to their original beauty.

No matter how difficult you think the job is, we can handle it.

Contact Hole in the Wall Drywall Repair today and get a quote to restore your walls and ceilings to their original beauty.