Our Story

Hole In the Wall Drywall Repair was started in 2010 by Bill DeMent in sunny Orlando, Florida.

Having spent many years in the drywall industry, he was aware of the many substandard repairs made by individuals and unscrupulous contractors. Unfortunately, not everyone is a professional in their field of work, and that bothered Bill since he found himself repairing the damage done by such contractors.

Upon hearing about the countless complaints from homeowners and businesses about contractors who had made a mess of their home or office, Bill saw a real need for a reliable company dedicated to quick, clean, and convenient drywall repair. Above all, he wanted to have a drywall repair company that dealt with honesty, no surprises, and upfront pricing.

Bill developed the Rapid-Patch™ Repair System as a way to allow repairs on most drywall holes to be completed in less than two hours–always with a minimum amount of mess and ready for a coat of paint in just 24 hours (a service we also offer). Hole in the Wall Drywall Repair is a labor of love and every day Bill, James and the rest of his team get up excited to “erase” unsightly drywall damage and do things right.

We are excited to show you the value we provide AND we know that you will be impressed. Don’t delay fixing your drywall–call us today and let us take on the challenge and deliver exceptional results.

Thank you,

Bill DeMent
President & Founder
Hole in the Wall Drywall Repair

Bill DeMent - Hole in the Wall Drywall Repair

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